Sunday, June 7, 2009


Ok -- I have to share this because it upsets me. There is this person - she came to the pharmacy in late March/early April and asked the Pharmacist to read her at home preg test. The pharmacist said that it was positive. Her reaction was "Shit." and a couple weeks later she picked up a prescription and stated that she was experiencing a miscarriage. I felt her pain -- or atleast I thought I did.

Fast forward to two weeks ago. Again, she asked the Pharmacist to read her pregnancy test and again it was positive. She asked the pharmacist if he was sure and he said yes, but she may want to try and take another one just to be sure.

Fast forward to today. She came in yesterday and bought Plan B (the morning after pill). Said that her MD told her that would cause her to miscarry but he wouldn't write her a script for it because he doesn't believe in abortion. She came in again today and wanted to buy another Plan B. The pharmacist asked why - and she stated that her boyfriend found the pack that she bought yesterday and destroyed it. She said that he's trying to trap her! WTF??? Hasn't she heard of BIRTH CONTROL?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?! Get an IUD -- get NUVA RING -- get something or here's a wacky idea -- STOP HAVING SEX!!!!!! The pharmacist refused to sell her another pack. Stupid freaking people -- it really should be legal to smack stupid people or atleast make them wear a sign or something.... Hmmmm...

I was really upset and I guess in my mind it's understandable. This woman doesn't want a baby - doesn't appreciate the fact that she can apparently get pregnant by being sneezed on. But grrrrrrr how? Why? It isn't fair!!! Hmmm...I was wrong -- I thought I understood her pain - I thought I knew what she was going through...I was wrong. Very wrong.

Other than that - that weekend was great. I've been in a great mood lately and I've started working out again. I'm still working on what color to paint the stairwell after we pull down the horrible wallpaper.

Other than that -- nothing much going on.


Krista said...

Daughter of a B**CH! This is a woman I would have a very hard time not punching squarely in the face. Why is it that two people who are ready, able and in a great position to give an amazing life to a kid can't get pregnant but this douche bag can get knocked up by french kissing??!! GRRR!! Oh, this story makes my blood boil. It's not right, Holly. I would have commented on this sooner, except I just found your blog through Sheri. You are SO ALLOWED to be mad about this. I'm mad for you.

Your time will come, one way or another. I don't know what the future has for you, but I believe in a God who justifies and vindicates the barren woman. I don't know what that will look like for you, but I know it'll happen.

Holly said...

Thanks Krista. I'm so glad that I have you and Sheri for friends. :) Now if we just lived

I'll be posting an update on what's going on soon with me -- I've put this lady out of my mind -- she's insane.