Sunday, November 16, 2008

1st Post

Ok - well it's official. I'm pregnant. It's a bit unsettling but it's a happy occasion. I don't even know what caused me to test - but I did, on the 8th and then again on the 9th. All in all, I've taken a total of 3 tests. I was certainly shaking - I ended up basically pulling Jim out of bed to make sure that I read the test right (it was a digital one - now that I think about it I'm not sure that there was a wrong way to read it but I digress). So Monday the 10th while on my way to work, I called my doctor's office and tried to schedule an appointment but they told me that it wasn't something that they handled and referred me to an OBGYN.

I took a break mid-way through the morning once we'd caught up and called the office. They were so sweet. They told me that the first thing they needed to do was a bloodtest to confirm it and that I didn't need to make an appointment. All I had to do was pick up the lab paperwork and go to the lab. I was shaking pretty much all day. I was going to wait until Wednesday morning to go and do it all but I couldn't wait. I got out of work early and went and did it. They told me that my results would be available after 1 on Tues, the next day.

It was the longest 24 hours in my life. I went to lunch at 1 and was going to wait to call until after I'd eaten. So I got my food and sat down. I couldn't wait any longer - I called. They put me on hold for a few minutes (it felt like forever!) and then they came back on the phone. They said those words. You're Pregnant. It was wonderful. I have my first appointment on Dec 5th at 9am. It feels like a lifetime away.

I don't feel bad - had a few bouts of nausea but no puking (thank goodness!), my appetite seems to have decreased at times but at other times it seems normal. Other than that I'm just sore and I get really tired fairly easily. Other than that I feel good.

So that brings us to the present. Jim and I have decided that we're not telling anyone until Christmas. It just makes sense to me anyway - I'll be 11 weeks by then - almost into the 2nd trimester. Plus it'll be nice to see the look on everyone's face. It feels like time has just slowed down...