Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lesson Learned Today

First off I want a food processor. I love my Baby Brezza and I love how much easier it has made things for me to make M's food but I just don't think that the Brezza is up to handling the load I've been throwing at it. It's started making weird noises like the motor is being stressed which means I need to do smaller batches and spend more time in the kitchen. Granted, I only make food once every 2 weeks now but when she gets bigger I'll need to do it either more often OR keep making smaller batches and spending more time in the kitchen...Thoughts...thoughts...thoughts...

Secondly, a medium sized butternut squash roasts very nicely but makes a TON of pureed squash. Though my using the liquid it was roasted in thinned it out nicely. J tasted it and said it was pretty good which makes me think that M will like it. So tonight I've made squash for her and I'm making her first puree combination of apple/squash though she won't get it for probably about 2 weeks - it'll get frozen until then.

I had to break down and buy store green beans because mine just weren't cutting it. :( Not real happy about it but it was either that or she didn't get them at all. I decided that the latter of those options was the worse of the two evils seeing as how J and I want her to have a more diverse pallet than what we do.

We also bought her a Fresh Food Feeder By Munchkin the other day to help with her teething. She seems to like it and doesn't seem to have any issues holding it. I think she likes it better than the other teethers we have (the kind that freeze) because her hands don't get cold. So far we've tried ice in it and, while it was definitely a must have a bib moment, it did seem to help her gums for a bit.

Here's a couple pictures of the gorgeous Miss M. 

Random Fact: New York Harbor School is the only high school on a island in New York State that is 172 acres big.