Sunday, March 11, 2012

Very Tired

But it's not from lack of sleep. In fact, my daughter - my beautiful, wonderful, loving, caring, and sweet as sugar daughter, is sleeping pretty much through the night.

No, my tiredness comes from immature people. People who I consider family and yet they still feel the need to lie (and then miraculously find a way to make it either J's fault or mine or make us feel guilty about catching them in a lie -- still not sure how that happens....) and keep secrets.

I'm not saying I'm perfect because I know, and I'll be the first to admit, I am so very, very far from perfect. And I will admit, I've lied. I've told little white lies and I've told bold outright lies. I'm not proud of the fact that I've done it but no one is perfect and in the end I've learned a lesson from each untruth I've told. I think that everyone has kept a secret or two in their life and I think that some secrets are healthy as there are somethings that no one needs to know about.

I just think that if you're ashamed to tell someone something, such as what you're doing on any given particular day, then maybe there's something wrong. I think that if you're afraid of what someone is going to say or do, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities. Maybe you should look at who was there for you when/if you were going through a dark passage in your life and who wasn't because it's the ones who were there for you that really love you and really want to see you be everything you can be. They want to see you take life by the horns and really learn what it means to live.

Though maybe those are just my thoughts and feelings and no one else shares them...

Sleepy at Aunt K and Uncle B's
Her thoughts on Tummy Time
Anyhoo, off my soapbox and on to happier (and much cuter subjects if I do say so myself - with no bias of course)

Mia is doing great!! She just had her 2 month visit and is growing like a weed!! 13lbs 4oz and 23 & 1/4" long. She also got her first series of shots and handled it like a trooper! So, so, so much better than her mom who was pretty much a wreck. She cried for a minute or two but was easily consoled with cuddles and some food then slept for a good part of the day. I thought that her night time sleep schedule would be disrupted but we gave her some infant tylenol and she kept her 'normal' schedule. J and I were very happy to have such a good outcome to the shots. Hopefully it will remain this way for all of them.
Loving her Woobie #1
Dad has the good stuff
 I've added some picture of the munchkin just so people can see how much she's changed over the last month or so. She still has her blonde-y blonde hair (though I think it's developing red highlights) and her steely blue eyes. She's smiling and chattering a lot more now. Her pediatrician said that she's right on track where she should be for her age and actually a bit more vocal than other 2 month olds her age. She would chatter away anytime the doctor started talking to us. So very much in love with this little girl....
Chillin' with Uncle D and Woobie #2

Random Fact: Baby porcupines are called porcupettes.