Sunday, June 26, 2011

Everything You Never Knew You Wanted To Know

For those who read this blog, whether on a regular basis or those who just read multiple entries casually, have an understanding how much I love random facts. I try to end each blog with some sort of witty, interesting, unknown, and well, most of the time useless, trivia/fact about the world around us. Who of us is really ever going to need to know that it's a fact that people who drink more coffee tend to have more sex? Or that most of the 90 million marshmallows sold during the year, the most popular months are October and December? Even if you didn't need to know it, thanks to me, you now probably do. Just send me a portion of your winnings from your trip to Jeopardy as a thank you.

Random facts has led me to another interesting nitch in our society. Odd holidays throughout the year or what months have a National observence attached to them. So, seeing as how it's currently the month of June (though really where has the month gone?)...Let's turn our attention, courtsey of all the information available on the internet, to see what this summery month has (had) instore for itself and us, of course....

About the month of June. June is known as National:

Aquarium Month  **   Candy Month  **   Dairy Month  **   Gay Pride Month  **   Rose Month  **   Turkey Lovers Month  **   Flight of the Filthy Fly Month  **   Adopt A Cat Month  **   Accordian Awareness Month  **   Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month

June also has a weekly observences. The first full week is:
Fishing Week. (Just remember most aquariums have a strict no fishing policy)
And the second is:

Email Week.

Now to the daily holidays. Most of the days in June have atleast one "holiday assigned to them. Some have more.
June 1st:
Dare Day  ---- The day where it is your obligation to dare someone to do something, or to pull a prank. This day is always June 1st and possibly originated in England.
June 2nd:
Flip a Coin Day ---- All you have to do to celebrate this festive occasion is, yup, flip a coin! Dating back to Julius Caesar who would flip a coin, sporting his image of course, to make a decision when the right course of action was unclear.
Rocky Road Day ---- If Rocky Road is your favorite ice cream, this is your day. Have a dish or two, heck three and celebrate!
June 3rd:
Bubba Day ---- Celebrating anyone and everyone who is or wishes their name was Bubba. Curiously Bubba is the Yiddish words for Grandmother.
Doughnut Day ---- (1st Friday of the month) Go eat a doughnut and celebrate!
Repeat Day ---- The day where it's perfectly fine to keep repeating yourself to annoy anyone you choose.
June 4th:
Applesauce Cake Day ---- A delicious old world treat!
Hug Your Cat Day ---- Because cats need cuddles too. Remember June is also National Adopt a Cat Month, so you have no reason not to hug a kitty.
Old Maid's Day ---- Starting in 1946 to unite soldiers coming home from WWII with unmarried ladies who had yet to find their Prince Charmings.
June 5th:
World Environment Day ---- Well this is a good thing; We all need to be more environmentally conscious.
June 6th
Gardening Exercises Day ---- And down, pull that weed, up, toss it in the wheelbarrow, and repeat...Remember to stretch!
Yo-Yo Day ---- Remember walk the dog? Rock the baby? Elevator? No? Well today is the day to grab your yo-yo and learn them!
June 7th
Chocolate Ice Cream Day ---- This means we can enjoy the ice cream guilt free right? It would be wrong not to celebrate....
June 8th
Best Friends Day ---- Awww...Celebrate with your bestie!
Name Your Poison Day ---- Hmm...maybe we shouldn't celebrate this day...
June 9th
Donald Duck Day ---- It's everyone's favorite Duck!
June 10th
Iced Tea Day ---- Celebrate with a tall cold one.
Nursing Assistants Day (First Day of Nursing Assistants Week) ---- Gotta love those nurses! Bake some cookies and share with your favorite nurse.
June 11th
Hug Holiday ---- Hug it out!
June 12th
Red Rose Day ---- And if hugging doesn't work - a bouquet of Red Roses should do the trick...
June 13th
Sewing Machine Day ---- Go sew something!
June 14th
Flag Day ---- A day to celebrate the wonderfulness of Ol' Glory.
June 15thSmile Power Day ---- Smile. Always. It'll make them wonder what you've been up to. :)
June 16th
Fresh Veggies Day ---- Go pick a plethera of colors from your garden
June 17th
Eat Your Vegetables Day ---- Now eat those veggies you picked yesterday
June 18th
Go Fishing Day ---- Grab a pole and catch a big one (or atleast spin a tall tale about the one that got away....LOL)
International Panic Day ---- Today you may panic and worry about all the holidays this month you didn't celebrate!!
National Hollerin' Contest Day (third Saturday in June) ---- Hoot and holler to your heart's content and win a prize!
National Splurge Day ---- Need a new pair of shoes? Want a new purse? Buy anything without guilt today!!
World Juggler's Day (Saturday closest to June 17th) ---- Time to show off those knife skills you learned...
June 19th
World Sauntering Day ---- Walk like you own the world today!
Father's Day ---- Celebrating all the special men around the world!
June 20th
Ice Cream Soda Day ----Whooo! Get all the extras - whipped creme and a cherry!!
June 21st
Summer Solstice ---- Longest day of the year and the official start of summer! Have a s'more!
Go Skate Day ---- Strap on those roller skates or roller blades and take a spin around the block.
June 22ndNational Chocolate Eclair Day ---- Guilt free of course.
June 23rd
National Columnists Day ---- Read your favorite newspaper, magazine, or online writer and compliment them for informing or entertaining you!
National Pink Day ---- Wear your pink with pride!
Take Your Dog to Work Day (Date Varies) ---- Cause man's best friend needs some variation in their life too.
June 24th
Swim a Lap Day ---- What better way to spend the day than in a pool?
June 25th
Log Cabin Day ---- Not really sure how you're gonna celebrate this day...Have some syrup maybe?
National Catfish Day ---- ?? Really??
June 26th
Stay at Home Mom's Day ---- Celebrating all of those mom's who stay at home.
Beautician's Day ---- Thank your stylist!
Forgiveness Day ---- Forgive someone who hurt you or that just crossed your path today doing something stupid.
June 27th
Talk Like a Cheesy P.I. Day ---- You see there was this dame. She had a pair of walking sticks on her I tell ya...Didn't trust her though, she was too cool for the scene she was drawing me...
Sunglasses Day ---- I wear my sunglasses at night....Celebrate with your favorite pair!
June 28th
Insurance Awareness Day ---- Hmmm...Wonder who made up this day?
Treaty Day ---- Yeah - not sure how to celebrate this day either....
Paul Bunyan Day ---- And his big blue ox too!!
June 29th
Camera Day ---- Spend the day taking pictures!
Remote Control Day ---- Who gets control of the remote tonight?
Waffle Iron Day ---- In the morning - make some waffles!!!
June 30th 
Meteorite Day ---- Oh no the sky is falling!

July is coming soon - maybe instead of one long post next month - I'll just add the "holiday" of the day in my blogs...hmmm...there's a new idea...

Random Fact: Sharks grow rings on their vertebrae as they age, similar to growth rings found inside trees.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Die for Me by Amy Plum

So I found this book through one of the websites that I frequent regularly. They have a "If you like...then you'll love..." section on books (the website itself is dedicated to a book so it makes sense). Most of the books they've suggested have been iffy as to whether they would mesh with a picky reader (that would be me for those wondering) after reading the synopsis given by the suggester. I'll also look up the book on my favorite book sellers website (who will often let you preview the first chapter or two - very nice!) to see if I can garner more info/insight on the book from there before I make a decision on whether I'd like to read it or not. Some of them just aren't my cup of tea whether it be subject matter or the style of writing. Then there are some that just don't catch my attention fast enough to keep me going (this part I am trying to work on and I have, in the past, forced myself to finish a book that has gotten me bored beyond possibility).

Then you have the ones that you just can't put down. Amy Plum's Die for Me is one of those books. The first book in a trilogy series catches you from the beginning, or at least it did for me. It delves you into a world that's set outside of the states, and in your mind, allows you to visit one of the most romantic cities in the world - Paris. The heroine is a strongly written character with some angst following a tragedy. It's about character who, while she knows what she wants just can't seem get outside of her own head at times and about her learning how to do that again. It's also about love, faith, trust, and starting over when you've been so powerfully kicked in the teeth.

There is some supernatural to this book as well but it's not the usual vampires, werewolves, and demons that have been floating around the book world as of late. It's not overpowering to the story but it does drive the angst and is definitively woven into the story line.

All of the characters have been left room for growth and while it may seem like it's just another supernatural drama book, similar to others that are on the market, it's not in my opinion. While I won't lie and say that readers won't see similarities (whether from the author's descriptions of people or things or from the readers own reading past/imagination) it's got it's own story to tell and will stand on it's own merits. Kate and Vincent are miles away from that other well known literary couple. ;)

Bottom line, Die for Me is a wonderful book and you should pick it up today! :)

Random Fact: A picture of Gandalf the Grey (from The Lord of the Rings) can be seen in the collection of great wizards in Professor Dumbledore’s study in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.