Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Winging it.

Some days that's all I feel like I do all day long.

I wish J's family accepted me as one of their own or even as a family member. Heck I'd even take that they stopped thinking about me as a temporary person in J's life.

I wish that the respect that is expected from me was with the understanding that I deserved to be respected as well.

There are just some days I think they'd be happy if I fell off the face of the Earth or at a bare minimum out of their (and conversely J's) lives.

I try really hard to laugh it off and brush it off as typical joined family crap but I have feelings and it hurts! Backhanded comments and total disregard for me, not only as a person but also as the wife of your son/brother and as the mother of your granddaughter/niece, hurts! It hurts as much as driving a knife through my heart. I know you don't think I'm good enough and hell - I'll be honest - there are times that I don't think I'm good enough either not for everything that he does so that I can stay home with M and she doesn't have to go to daycare. However, I LOVE HIM. I have loved him for as long as I can remember and I will love him from beyond.

I'm frustrated because I don't know how to solve the problem. I'm frustrated because I don't know how the problem started. I'm not asking you to love me, but try to like me. Attempt to get to know me as a person, not just J's wife, M's mom. Maybe try to be a friend...or just try.

Random Fact: A lemon contains more sugar than a strawberry.

Friday, October 12, 2012


So the other day J and I were asked if we'd seen so-and-so's facebook post and how the questioner couldn't believe what so-and-so posted; this got me to thinking...

Facebook is a social networking site but what exactly is the definition of 'social networking'? Well, according to my friend Google it is defined as:

          The use of a dedicated Web site to communicate informally with other members of the site, by posting messages, photographs, etc.

This leads to my next question - should you have to censor what you post if you know that something you want to post would offend one of your 'friends'? And then that therefore leads into the question should you censor yourself in other places, such as websites, and blogs, too?

My thought is no. I know that I don't censor myself here on my blog, though I do have 'code' (albeit not particularly creative ones...LOL) names for people in my life if I discuss them on here. J is my husband, M is my daughter...etc. I know when I post updates on the social networking site that I belong to I don't willingly go and blast people who have upset me (though there have been times that I've wanted to) but I do discuss things that are going on in my/our life now and again. I usually don't stop to think how someone is going to react when I post things because it's what I'm thinking/feeling at the moment.

If people are your 'friends' then they accept you the way you are, the good with the maybe not so good. Most of the time the things that are posted are mundane and trivial but occasionally people do post rants. Sometimes they even post things in frustration or anger but chances are they're just that - frustration and anger. But what happens when someone posts something controversial? Are they looking to purposely stir the pot or are they looking for a good and healthy debate, simply stating how they feel or believe? Does the thought on posting things like that change?

I'm all for healthy debates. One where there isn't any judgement, name calling, putting down of differing opinions but a simple, open dialogue exchange between people and their views. One where there isn't any name calling or putting down of others beliefs. The ideal outcome of this situation is everyone takes something away from the table, whether or not they changed how they see the topic or not. Unfortunately this doesn't happen very often because more often than not the outcome is everyone is defensive and put out because they think their opinion of the topic is the right one. The refusal to listen to someone else's side is causing the world to go deaf.

I believe that you shouldn't take anything posted on a social networking site to heart unless it's specifically directed at you (ie - your name is somewhere in the post). If someone posts something that you find offensive or that you don't agree with - let it go. It wasn't posted to hurt you or to drag your beliefs/morals through the mud. That person doesn't need to be told how their post was wrong or offensive to you because, again, unless your name is somewhere specifically in the post it - it more than likely wasn't about you.

Now I do think that personally attacking/cyber bullying someone through a social networking site is wrong. Just. Plain. Wrong. No one deserves to be attacked/bullied/harassed...etc. The world can be/is cruel enough without that being added to the mix. Maturity is a major factoring in having a social networking account in my opinion and those without it shouldn't be allowed to have one. If you really have a problem with someone deal with it face to face, not from behind a computer screen.

Random Fact: Until coffee gained popularity, beer was the beverage of choice for breakfast in most urban areas of the United States.

Monday, October 8, 2012

And so it starts...

Christmas shopping.

I know I know - it's over two months away. No one wants to think about it yet. Well I do!

Yup that's right I do and I've started. I'm pretty darn proud of it too. Granted I don't have much but I'm started and for me to be started before Thanksgiving is a pretty big feat. My goal for this year is to be done or pretty close to it before we leave on December 10th. I am not going to be running around like a crazed person this year trying to get everything we need in a matter of a week.

It should be easier this year because for starters I'm not 7 and 1/2 -8 months pregnant and I actually have ideas for everyone! Well almost everyone.

I'm so excited about Christmas this year. It's going to be so different and so much fun. We're trying really hard not to overdo it with M because she won't understand but it's hard. I don't want her to think that her birthday is in competition with Christmas because of it's location or that she won't get as special of a gift for Christmas or her birthday because of when she was born. How did my parents do it?

I think we've managed to find invitations that we like for her birthday now just to finish that list to see how many people we need invitations for...LOL...which means I should probably wrap up this post and go do that...or something else just as dream of Disney....ha ha ha ha....

Random Fact: A duel between three people is called a "truel."

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

1st Birthday Party


I had no idea that a kid's birthday party would have so many logistics. I really didn't. My mom made it seem so easy. Ha. I guarantee, even though she's helping when I ask her to, she's laughing while I try to navigate the ins and outs of birthday party planning. 

1st Dilemma:
     When to have it. Given that the month of December is, lets be nice and say a little hectic -- especially this year, we were floundering on trying to do her birthday earlier in the month or push it back until January. 

    We decided that with everything going on we are pushing her party back until the first part of January. I hate not being able to have it on her birthday but it just wasn't in the cards this year. I know she won't really remember it anyway but somehow I feel like I have robbed her in a way of having it properly celebrated. :(

2nd Dilemma:
     1 party for everyone or 2 separate parties for each side of the family (1 party for my side, 1 party for his side). Upside 1 party - it's over and done with in a day. Boom, bang, thank you ma'am - turn the lights off we're going home. Downside to 1 party - there are a lot of people and we'd probably have to rent something somewhere to hold everyone (downside to winter birthdays in general in the north - the cold weather/snow kinda takes away the ability to have shindigs outside). Upside to 2 parties -- M gets to spend more one on one time with everyone and there would be the possibility of having it at a house of either us or another relative. 

    1 party. Schedule constraints with J make this the really only viable option unless we really spread the parties apart plus the ability to rent a building (thanks mom!) at little to no cost that will hold everyone answers that one with no looking back.

3rd Dilemma:
     Invitations. How hard can it be to have a simple invitation for the 1 year old. I don't want something cartoon-y with Elmo or Princesses on it (maybe next year we'll do a theme) or something that looks like it was designed for a wedding. I just want a simple invite announcing that you're invited to my kid's 1st birthday party - here's the date, place, and time. And yes, I want this without having to raid her college fund to pay for it. I spent most of her afternoon nap today perusing the internet looking for ideas. I would absolutely love to hand-make her invites (because then I'd assure myself I'd get what I want) but I just don't think I have the time to get however many I need done.

    Nothing so far....

4th Dilemma:
     Guest list. Ugh. Where do you draw the line? Should you send invites to people you know won't/can't come to be polite or if nothing else to keep the family peace? Can you invite one cousin but not another? Do you invite the same basic people to the 1st birthday as you do to the shower? What about the people you invited to the shower who didn't show? If you invite to a certain family length on one side do you have to keep it the same on the other? Again, ugh.

    Nothing so far. List is started and that's about it.

5th Dilemma:
     Food. Do you serve a meal? Meal-lite? Hor d'oeuvres? Snacks? Pizza and wings? Will people only come for the free food? What if they don't RSVP and we don't have enough? I know I'm making her cake/cupcakes (she's going to get her own 'smash' cake and there will be cupcakes for everyone to enjoy). I don't want people to think we're stingy or cheap if we do like snack trays (cheese, cracker, pepperoni, a fruit tray, a veggie tray...)...hmm..maybe I'll look into an assorted sub tray from Subway...

    Thinking. Making lists. Thinking. Thanking myself for starting now. Adding Subway to the list.

I'm sure there are more dilemmas out there that I haven't thought of but I'm tired and it's off to bed with me. And I've thought of another one - what about favor bags? Do people still do them anymore? Do you have to do them with a 1st birthday? And what about decorations? Is it ok not to do a theme party? 

Seriously - I'm going to bed or I'll try and have this whole party planned out and drive myself insane.

Random Fact: There are 18 different animal cracker shapes.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

45 Minute Naps

Are incredibly pointless...And worthless...And should be banished forever.

M gets absolutely no rest or refreshment from them. In fact she usually wakes up irritable and cranky - and usually more so than when she was originally put down for a nap - but unable to go back to sleep for whatever reason. I swear if she could talk it would the equivalent of "Why am I awake? I don't wanna be awake!" Which makes her overtired and just down right miserable and even though a miserable M is still unbelievably adorable I prefer her happy and well rested. And if I hear one person comment about "well just let her play and put her back down in an hour or so" - I've tried it. It either doesn't work because she either gets even more irritated because she doesn't want to go to sleep (because of course you can't rationalize with a 9 month old that she'll feel better with a little snooze) or she goes to sleep and I end up having to wake her up so that she'll go to sleep at bedtime which starts the whole "I'm angry because I'm awake and still tired" cycle all over again.

Not so well rested
Miserable means clingy. But we couldn't be the cuddly kind of clingy where we sit on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse until she slowly drifts off to sleep. Nope, not today. This time we wanted to sit on the floor and play while mommy held her. Which was fine except that I couldn't take my hands off from her in any way shape or form or an overtired meltdown would begin to ensue. Have you ever tired to keep your hands on a 9 month old who wants to constantly be on the move playing with whichever today happens to catch her interest at the moment? It's not as easy as it sounds. Heck it doesn't even sound easy!
Happy and well rested (and full tummy!)

Overtired also means that a bath will not calm and relax her the way it normally does. No, it just makes her realize how tired she truly is, which in turn riles her up because all she wants to do is go to sleep, and makes her even more uncooperative when trying to get her pajamas on her. Have you ever tried putting pajamas on a wiggling octopus? Because I swear my child sprouted 6 extra limbs when I tried to dress her tonight. She was not having it. If it wasn't getting so cool out at night now, I probably would have said screw it and put her in a onesie to sleep instead of her big girl 2-piece jammies. It was just not a good night for M.

Luckily she drifted off fairly quickly once she'd had  a bottle and some daddy cuddles. A few subconscious chatters once she'd been put down and that's all that was wrote. Now just to hope that she isn't so overtired it causes her to sleep poorly or wake up at the butt crack of dawn...

So in short, go away forever and stop visiting my child - let her sleep, let her get a refreshing nap. She needs her sleep. I will not be polite and say please either because you are not welcome in my home or anywhere near my child.

Random Fact: The longest continuous sidewalk in the world is along Bay Shore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Questions About Moi

So I sort of stole this post idea from a friend after reading it on her blog. I thought "Self," (yes?) "So much has changed in the last 9 months that maybe you should update people on what's in your head." (Great idea.)

  1. What was your favorite food when you were a child?
    Probably my Mom's pizza or Dad's scalloped potatoes
  2. What’s the #1 most played song on your iPod?
    Secrets by OneRepublic
  3. What is one of your favorite quotes?
    May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams. May the laughter that you find in your tomorrow wipe away the pain you find in your yesterdays.
  4. What’s your favorite indoor/outdoor activity?
    Indoors - I love to watch movies and cuddle on the couch with J
    Outdoors - probably bike ride or take M to the park.
  5. What chore do you absolutely hate doing?
    Dusting. Aggravates my sinuses/allergies
  6. What is your favorite form of exercise?
  7. What is your favorite time of day/day of the week/month of the year?
    Well this is an open ended question...Probably my all time favorite is the week of Christmas.
  8. What’s your least favorite mode of transportation?
  9. What is your favorite body part?
    Um...honestly? My c-section scar. I know most people think that scars are ugly and seek ways to get rid of them but I think mine is beautiful. My daughter came through that scar and because of it I get to know and watch this fantastic little person grow.
  10. What sound do you love?
    M's laugh...
  11. If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
    Something more exotic with a nickname. Like Caitlin (Cait) or Aurora (Rory)...
  12. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?
    Once I realized I won the money? Faint probably. Once I had the money? Start a college fund for my daughter. 
  13. You have 60 minutes of free time...What do you do?
    Hmm...switch around laundry, load/unload the dishwasher/hand wash dishes/bottles, check to see if M's meals for the day are ready or need to be thawed, check to see if formula needs to be made, dust mop the living room and kitchen floors, shower or any sort of combination above...
  14. What was the last movie, TV show or book that made you cry or tear up?
    I don't remember. I know I teared up at the Bones and CSI:NY's season finales...but I can't remember a book or movie that I've seen recently that have caused moistening of the eyes...
  15. What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done/experienced?
  16. What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?
    Okay - these 2 questions go sort of hand in hand. The hardest thing I've done/experienced is infertility with miscarriages. Hard is not an appropriate term for what it was. It was mind boggling and frustrating and I hated every single moment of it. I even considered seriously giving up. I hated not having control of what was going on and the fact that I couldn't fix the problem sucked. I (along with J because this affected him too) walked away stronger not only as an individual, but as a stronger couple with a stronger marriage. If I can face that and not crumble, I can face anything. I also think the experience has made me a better parent. I look at M and she's just - wonderful. I love her giggle and her smile. I wouldn't wish it upon anyone - the struggle, the longing, the jealousy - but I do think that it's helped shape the parent I know I can be - the parent I want to be.
  17. When was the last time you had an amazing meal?
    Tonight!! I am so blessed with an amazing cook for a husband.
  18. If you could travel any where in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?
    Hawaii. Hands down. 1st class. Disney Aulani hotel. :)
  19. What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
    Soft serve - chocolate/vanilla twist. Hard - Probably cookie dough (depending on the maker) or waffle cone.
  20. What was the last movie you watched?
    The Hunger Games - not bad, but not the greatest movie I've ever seen either.

 Random Fact: The University of Minnesota is older than the state of Minnesota.

Monday, September 17, 2012

It's a pair of boobs!

Stop the presses.

Halt the universe.

How about build a bridge and get over it?

So the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathed topless. Who. Cares? Seriously? Sunbathing topless in Europe is as common as changing your underwear anywhere should be. The photographer who climbed onto the roof of a neighboring building to get the pictures of this private moment should 1) be ashamed of him/herself and 2) prosecuted. Why are magazines making such a big deal of this? Sure she's a 'Princess' but she's human and just because she has a royal title doesn't mean she should stop doing the things that she likes to do. Heck, Europe has topless beaches! Another pair of boobs, regardless of who they belong to, shouldn't be newsworthy!!

Ugh. Stories like this just rub me the wrong way. I feel horrible for her, especially with the fact that she was at a private home with the implication of privacy and people are blaming her. What about the perv that climbed onto another building, probably used a freaking long lens to invade her private moment? Did the country learn nothing from the death of Princess Diana? When are they going to start putting rules/laws for the paparazzi and enforce the consequences if they break the them? Maybe if a few of these less scrupulous photographers had to face some fines or jail time they might think twice about taking private photos.

Anyway, that's my two cents on the situation. I don't want to turn this into a soapbox rant but it's one of those things where I needed to say something. 

Random Fact: Even though Utah is landlocked, it is illegal to hunt whales.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And three months later...

My poor blog. I promise I haven't forgotten about you. Things have just been busy. July just jumped past us and August flew by in a sunny, warm blur but before I knew it September was here.

M is growing like a weed and learning things twice as fast. She says momma or mom quite clearly now though if you ask her about dada (or dad) she just smiles and wrinkles her nose. She mastered crawling at the end of August after army crawling for about a month. That lasted all of 2 days before she realized she could crawl to something (couch, chair, table) and pull herself up on. She's starting to cruise along the furniture and her coordination gets better every single day. 

 She has (almost) 4 teeth now. Her first was on the bottom right incisor (tooth P), and then the incisor to the left (tooth O), and we checked yesterday and her top two incisors (E and F) are breaking through. She doesn't like to show them off though but they are sharp! 

This picture to the left is a little in home photo shoot we did for her aunt (who also gave us the outfit she's wearing - coincidence? I think not...LOL). She's getting to be such a little camera ham - I wonder if that's because I'm always taking pictures of her. I don't want to miss a minute and she's too cute to not have pictures taken.

The picture to the right is a 4 generation picture that was taken at our most recent family reunion. It's (from left to right) my grandma (M's great-grandma), my mom, M, and me. When I was about M's age, there was a similar (my great grandma, grandma, mom, me) picture taken. It's nice to have this sort of tradition. Maybe when M is older (30 would be a good number - LOL) we'll do one with her child. I think I'm going to get a copy of that picture made and put in frames for Christmas gifts. 

My little turkey posing for another picture but her expression is just too priceless. She wrinkles her little nose and sometimes, when she laughs she snorts. It's hilarious. I can't believe how time has flown.I keep asking myself where the little baby I gave birth to went and when she became My little Miss Independent. Her little personality is coming out in spades and she makes me laugh every single day. J will never fully grasp the gift he has given me by being the sole breadwinner in the house. I will never ever be able to say thank you enough nor will I be able to find a gift appropriate enough. I couldn't image having to leave her with someone and possibly miss a minute of her growing up. 

She makes me rethink everything I thought I knew and understood, she makes me reconsider my stance on everything I thought I stood firm on. Like I used to loathe pink - and I mean loathe. I couldn't stand the sight of it and forget about catching me wearing it. If I loved the top and the only color choice was pink - forget it - it was staying where it was. Granted this is probably because up until I was about 12 everything was pink. My walls, my carpet, my bedding...I believe at some point I even asked my mom if I could have pink hair. (ps. Thank you mom for saying no) While it'll never be my favorite color, I'm now learning to appreciate it's beauty. I like the way M looks while wearing it and the shirt she's wearing on the left is actually a favorite.

This is our newest "mom" face. I swear this kid cracks me up with the expressions that she gives and she pulls them out of nowhere. It's almost as if she realizes that I'm having a mom moment of doubt like am I feeding her enough? Am I feeding her too much? How could someone have let me have a kid? Sometimes I wonder if I really have a grip on this whole parenting thing or if I'm just off my rocker and winging it the whole time. I want her to grow up well. I want her to make a positive impact on those around her. Then this look comes out and it's like - you're doing fine. Why are second guessing yourself? Good? Ok. Now go get me some puffs.

 Those eyes! Genes are a wonderful thing aren't they? It's amazing how two dark haired (J has black hair and I have auburn), dark eyed (J's are brown and my alternate between a green and hazel) can have a blonde haired (trust me it's there) blue eyed baby girl.
Last picture (and nearing the end of the post I think) is my newest favorite picture of all.

Time is just flying way too fast. She's going to be sprinting before winter (possibly before Fall if she has her way.) and my baby won't be a baby much longer. While I'm saddened by this, I'm also excited. I can't wait to see what the future brings and what she's going to do with her new found 'freedom'. 

Random Fact: There is a city named Unalaska in Alaska.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lesson Learned Today

First off I want a food processor. I love my Baby Brezza and I love how much easier it has made things for me to make M's food but I just don't think that the Brezza is up to handling the load I've been throwing at it. It's started making weird noises like the motor is being stressed which means I need to do smaller batches and spend more time in the kitchen. Granted, I only make food once every 2 weeks now but when she gets bigger I'll need to do it either more often OR keep making smaller batches and spending more time in the kitchen...Thoughts...thoughts...thoughts...

Secondly, a medium sized butternut squash roasts very nicely but makes a TON of pureed squash. Though my using the liquid it was roasted in thinned it out nicely. J tasted it and said it was pretty good which makes me think that M will like it. So tonight I've made squash for her and I'm making her first puree combination of apple/squash though she won't get it for probably about 2 weeks - it'll get frozen until then.

I had to break down and buy store green beans because mine just weren't cutting it. :( Not real happy about it but it was either that or she didn't get them at all. I decided that the latter of those options was the worse of the two evils seeing as how J and I want her to have a more diverse pallet than what we do.

We also bought her a Fresh Food Feeder By Munchkin the other day to help with her teething. She seems to like it and doesn't seem to have any issues holding it. I think she likes it better than the other teethers we have (the kind that freeze) because her hands don't get cold. So far we've tried ice in it and, while it was definitely a must have a bib moment, it did seem to help her gums for a bit.

Here's a couple pictures of the gorgeous Miss M. 

Random Fact: New York Harbor School is the only high school on a island in New York State that is 172 acres big.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4 (Almost 5) Months Old

And she's off folks...M has started to roll.

She's definitely perfected her technique since this video was taken on Saturday, the 19th. However once she's on her belly and she realizes she's on her belly she gets frustrated because she can't get off her belly. Ha ha ha. I probably shouldn't laugh but it is rather cute watching her work through things in her mind. She's loving her exersaucer because she gets to stand - which is probably her most favorite thing in the world to do. She loves chattering and/or squealing at anything - especially her toys and the dogs. Moose and Echo aren't quite sure what to think when she's chattering at them but they just sit there and watch/listen. Right now she's just intrigued by what Echo is doing (snoring) beside her.

Big news from M is that she's started solids. She was ready. So far she's had sweet potatoes, peas, and she's trying carrots this week. She really seems to be liking getting to try new foods and expanding her culinary pallet. She wants to be mobile. She smiles almost all the time. Though drool - I get why babies drool with teething and such - but buckets upon buckets of endless drool. I also have to say that I think teething is the cruelest thing imaginable for a baby. Mia is handling it like a champ 99% of the time but I hope she cuts her first tooth soon or the 'movement' or whatever is happening up there calms down until those teeth are ready to come in. She doesn't seem to get the idea of holding the teether and chewing/gnawing on it will make her gums feel better because of course you can't reason with a 4 (almost 5) month old. She'd rather chew/gnaw on me, J, her fingers (which of course then make their way down her throat to gag herself - please let this phase pass quickly!) or her burp cloth. She does like ice in a wash cloth which lasts for a little bit so we've done that several times.

Other than that, life is good. :) So with that - I'm off to help J with dinner while M naps.

Big Blue Eyes

My Camera Pose

Yup - Striped Socks

Random Fact: Dolphins, primates, and humans are the only species that recognize themselves in the mirror.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How can you not love her?

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Very Tired

But it's not from lack of sleep. In fact, my daughter - my beautiful, wonderful, loving, caring, and sweet as sugar daughter, is sleeping pretty much through the night.

No, my tiredness comes from immature people. People who I consider family and yet they still feel the need to lie (and then miraculously find a way to make it either J's fault or mine or make us feel guilty about catching them in a lie -- still not sure how that happens....) and keep secrets.

I'm not saying I'm perfect because I know, and I'll be the first to admit, I am so very, very far from perfect. And I will admit, I've lied. I've told little white lies and I've told bold outright lies. I'm not proud of the fact that I've done it but no one is perfect and in the end I've learned a lesson from each untruth I've told. I think that everyone has kept a secret or two in their life and I think that some secrets are healthy as there are somethings that no one needs to know about.

I just think that if you're ashamed to tell someone something, such as what you're doing on any given particular day, then maybe there's something wrong. I think that if you're afraid of what someone is going to say or do, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your priorities. Maybe you should look at who was there for you when/if you were going through a dark passage in your life and who wasn't because it's the ones who were there for you that really love you and really want to see you be everything you can be. They want to see you take life by the horns and really learn what it means to live.

Though maybe those are just my thoughts and feelings and no one else shares them...

Sleepy at Aunt K and Uncle B's
Her thoughts on Tummy Time
Anyhoo, off my soapbox and on to happier (and much cuter subjects if I do say so myself - with no bias of course)

Mia is doing great!! She just had her 2 month visit and is growing like a weed!! 13lbs 4oz and 23 & 1/4" long. She also got her first series of shots and handled it like a trooper! So, so, so much better than her mom who was pretty much a wreck. She cried for a minute or two but was easily consoled with cuddles and some food then slept for a good part of the day. I thought that her night time sleep schedule would be disrupted but we gave her some infant tylenol and she kept her 'normal' schedule. J and I were very happy to have such a good outcome to the shots. Hopefully it will remain this way for all of them.
Loving her Woobie #1
Dad has the good stuff
 I've added some picture of the munchkin just so people can see how much she's changed over the last month or so. She still has her blonde-y blonde hair (though I think it's developing red highlights) and her steely blue eyes. She's smiling and chattering a lot more now. Her pediatrician said that she's right on track where she should be for her age and actually a bit more vocal than other 2 month olds her age. She would chatter away anytime the doctor started talking to us. So very much in love with this little girl....
Chillin' with Uncle D and Woobie #2

Random Fact: Baby porcupines are called porcupettes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Brighter Tomorrow

Today, so far, has been much brighter and more positive. I feel less bitchy. LOL. I think a lot, or at least I'm hoping, that most of the problem was the fact that I have a hard time speaking my mind when it's going to lead to a confrontation or an argument, especially when I don't have all my thoughts in a row.
I don't like it when my thoughts are jumbled or are conflicting. It's like I have both sides of the coin and it's just balancing on its edge; having that feeling just throws me off kilter.

Random fact: Friggatriskaidekaphobia is the fear of Friday the 13th.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Irritated, miserable, and generally just pissed off.

Why you ask?

Trust be told I don't know which only upsets me further. I don't like feeling this way - if I'm upset about something I prefer (and actually rather like) knowing what it is that I'm upset about. What's worse is that seeing as how something, whatever it be, is bothering me - everything (and everyone) else pisses me off because I'm short fused to begin with and it takes a horrible amount of patience not to just snap with everyone.


I just want to either figure out what is bothering me and be able to voice it or just decide that it's not that important and get over it. J thinks I'm mad at him - which I'm not or at least I don't think that I am - but again because I'm already pre-irritated, everything just seems to be wrong. I just want to scream or yell or something to get this underlying feeling of bitchiness to go away.

I'd like to blame it on lack of sleep but I really don't think it is. Mia slept for like 6 hours straight last night, 1130 to 5, and then J got up with her at 9 so I could get another 1/2 hour. And even if she hadn't slept as long as she did last night, J and I take turns getting up with her so that we both get a halfway decent sleep during the night.


I think I'm just going to go to bed and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

My Girl. My Pride. My Joy.

Random Fact: The shark in "Jaws" was named Bruce, after Steven Spielberg's lawyer.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 Month Gone

Mia in her Minnie outfit
Time has flown by. Our little girl is already over a month old. She's slowly starting to outgrow her newborn clothes. Today she wore one of the 0-3 outfits that we got for her. It has Minnie Mouse and strawberries on it. :) Have to start getting her Disney-fied so that she's ready for her introduction to The Mouse. :) Hopefully she'll come to love Disney as much as her mom. I absolutely can not wait to take her. I know that she probably won't remember her first few time(s) but it's going to be so magical watching things through her eyes.

Her little personality is coming out more and more. I love that she is starting to giggle and giving her first smiles - though I don't think she really realizes what she's doing. I've been trying to capture them in a picture but she's very sneaky with those smiles ;-)

She still has all of her blonde hair and it's getting thicker. Some days I think that it's starting to get darker, sometimes a dirty blonde - sometimes a red tint, but I wonder sometimes if it's the light or because it is starting to get thicker. Either way, she's gorgeous. Her eyes are still that deep slate blue/grey/purple-y color. She is so laid back and just a very chill baby. Definitely has J's personality.

Striped socks!
She is just absolutely perfect. We didn't know how easily you could love someone so completely, totally, thoroughly without question,  you've only known for minutes. At times it still feels just so surreal that she's here. It feels all the time we waited for her has just melted away and, while the memories of that pain will never go away, it has definitely been eased.

She's sleeping ok throughout the night; she gets up about every four hours. We're trying to keep her awake more during the day, which at times is so much more easier said than done, so that she'll sleep more at night but sometimes that's easier said than done at times. Even despite the sometimes sleepless nights she's a pure joy. We're trying to employ some of the ideas that we've read about with regards to the sleep but...well...we'll get there. LOL.

Random Fact: The rock band Van Halen states in their contract that a bowl of milk chocolate M&M's has to be backstage; with all the brown ones removed.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Best. Christmas. Ever.

Welcome to the world Amelia.


7lbs 1oz     20 inches long