Monday, October 8, 2012

And so it starts...

Christmas shopping.

I know I know - it's over two months away. No one wants to think about it yet. Well I do!

Yup that's right I do and I've started. I'm pretty darn proud of it too. Granted I don't have much but I'm started and for me to be started before Thanksgiving is a pretty big feat. My goal for this year is to be done or pretty close to it before we leave on December 10th. I am not going to be running around like a crazed person this year trying to get everything we need in a matter of a week.

It should be easier this year because for starters I'm not 7 and 1/2 -8 months pregnant and I actually have ideas for everyone! Well almost everyone.

I'm so excited about Christmas this year. It's going to be so different and so much fun. We're trying really hard not to overdo it with M because she won't understand but it's hard. I don't want her to think that her birthday is in competition with Christmas because of it's location or that she won't get as special of a gift for Christmas or her birthday because of when she was born. How did my parents do it?

I think we've managed to find invitations that we like for her birthday now just to finish that list to see how many people we need invitations for...LOL...which means I should probably wrap up this post and go do that...or something else just as dream of Disney....ha ha ha ha....

Random Fact: A duel between three people is called a "truel."