Tuesday, May 22, 2012

4 (Almost 5) Months Old

And she's off folks...M has started to roll.

She's definitely perfected her technique since this video was taken on Saturday, the 19th. However once she's on her belly and she realizes she's on her belly she gets frustrated because she can't get off her belly. Ha ha ha. I probably shouldn't laugh but it is rather cute watching her work through things in her mind. She's loving her exersaucer because she gets to stand - which is probably her most favorite thing in the world to do. She loves chattering and/or squealing at anything - especially her toys and the dogs. Moose and Echo aren't quite sure what to think when she's chattering at them but they just sit there and watch/listen. Right now she's just intrigued by what Echo is doing (snoring) beside her.

Big news from M is that she's started solids. She was ready. So far she's had sweet potatoes, peas, and she's trying carrots this week. She really seems to be liking getting to try new foods and expanding her culinary pallet. She wants to be mobile. She smiles almost all the time. Though drool - I get why babies drool with teething and such - but buckets upon buckets of endless drool. I also have to say that I think teething is the cruelest thing imaginable for a baby. Mia is handling it like a champ 99% of the time but I hope she cuts her first tooth soon or the 'movement' or whatever is happening up there calms down until those teeth are ready to come in. She doesn't seem to get the idea of holding the teether and chewing/gnawing on it will make her gums feel better because of course you can't reason with a 4 (almost 5) month old. She'd rather chew/gnaw on me, J, her fingers (which of course then make their way down her throat to gag herself - please let this phase pass quickly!) or her burp cloth. She does like ice in a wash cloth which lasts for a little bit so we've done that several times.

Other than that, life is good. :) So with that - I'm off to help J with dinner while M naps.

Big Blue Eyes

My Camera Pose

Yup - Striped Socks

Random Fact: Dolphins, primates, and humans are the only species that recognize themselves in the mirror.