Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I've thought about changing my blogger layout/background but I can't. I love my background and it's an unspoken image to my desired dream. I haven't blogged much in the last few weeks merely because there really isn't anything to blog about. Pretty much it's the same ol', same ol'.

Now however...after having a hsg, and a MRI - it has been determined that I have a septated uterus. What this means is basically I have a piece of tissue that it basically separating my uterus into 2 halves. It is removable with surgery. Outpatient surgery. I am brimming with happiness as this was the best of the 3 conditions we were given going into the MRI. The doctor did say that the piece of tissue is not hindering us from getting pregnant but that if we did conceive and the egg implanted on it - that the pregnancy would be destined to fail. The tissue is neither strong enough nor vascularized enough to support the pregnancy. If the egg implanted on the extreme right or extreme left that the pregnancy would survive but the baby would have 1/2 the room and therefore would put the risk for c-section/early delivery much higher.

We've decided to go ahead with the surgery. It's low risk and the rewards are great. Now we're back to the waiting game...

Random Fact: Elephants are the only land mammals that can't jump.