Tuesday, February 7, 2012

1 Month Gone

Mia in her Minnie outfit
Time has flown by. Our little girl is already over a month old. She's slowly starting to outgrow her newborn clothes. Today she wore one of the 0-3 outfits that we got for her. It has Minnie Mouse and strawberries on it. :) Have to start getting her Disney-fied so that she's ready for her introduction to The Mouse. :) Hopefully she'll come to love Disney as much as her mom. I absolutely can not wait to take her. I know that she probably won't remember her first few time(s) but it's going to be so magical watching things through her eyes.

Her little personality is coming out more and more. I love that she is starting to giggle and giving her first smiles - though I don't think she really realizes what she's doing. I've been trying to capture them in a picture but she's very sneaky with those smiles ;-)

She still has all of her blonde hair and it's getting thicker. Some days I think that it's starting to get darker, sometimes a dirty blonde - sometimes a red tint, but I wonder sometimes if it's the light or because it is starting to get thicker. Either way, she's gorgeous. Her eyes are still that deep slate blue/grey/purple-y color. She is so laid back and just a very chill baby. Definitely has J's personality.

Striped socks!
She is just absolutely perfect. We didn't know how easily you could love someone so completely, totally, thoroughly without question,  you've only known for minutes. At times it still feels just so surreal that she's here. It feels all the time we waited for her has just melted away and, while the memories of that pain will never go away, it has definitely been eased.

She's sleeping ok throughout the night; she gets up about every four hours. We're trying to keep her awake more during the day, which at times is so much more easier said than done, so that she'll sleep more at night but sometimes that's easier said than done at times. Even despite the sometimes sleepless nights she's a pure joy. We're trying to employ some of the ideas that we've read about with regards to the sleep but...well...we'll get there. LOL.

Random Fact: The rock band Van Halen states in their contract that a bowl of milk chocolate M&M's has to be backstage; with all the brown ones removed.


Sheri said...

Gah striped socks SO CUTE! :) It is amazing how much you can love such a little person so absolutely and completely. *hugs* You guys enjoy your girl! :)

And keep posting pics, that's sort of a given. ;)