Tuesday, September 25, 2012

45 Minute Naps

Are incredibly pointless...And worthless...And should be banished forever.

M gets absolutely no rest or refreshment from them. In fact she usually wakes up irritable and cranky - and usually more so than when she was originally put down for a nap - but unable to go back to sleep for whatever reason. I swear if she could talk it would the equivalent of "Why am I awake? I don't wanna be awake!" Which makes her overtired and just down right miserable and even though a miserable M is still unbelievably adorable I prefer her happy and well rested. And if I hear one person comment about "well just let her play and put her back down in an hour or so" - I've tried it. It either doesn't work because she either gets even more irritated because she doesn't want to go to sleep (because of course you can't rationalize with a 9 month old that she'll feel better with a little snooze) or she goes to sleep and I end up having to wake her up so that she'll go to sleep at bedtime which starts the whole "I'm angry because I'm awake and still tired" cycle all over again.

Not so well rested
Miserable means clingy. But we couldn't be the cuddly kind of clingy where we sit on the couch and watch Mickey Mouse until she slowly drifts off to sleep. Nope, not today. This time we wanted to sit on the floor and play while mommy held her. Which was fine except that I couldn't take my hands off from her in any way shape or form or an overtired meltdown would begin to ensue. Have you ever tired to keep your hands on a 9 month old who wants to constantly be on the move playing with whichever today happens to catch her interest at the moment? It's not as easy as it sounds. Heck it doesn't even sound easy!
Happy and well rested (and full tummy!)

Overtired also means that a bath will not calm and relax her the way it normally does. No, it just makes her realize how tired she truly is, which in turn riles her up because all she wants to do is go to sleep, and makes her even more uncooperative when trying to get her pajamas on her. Have you ever tried putting pajamas on a wiggling octopus? Because I swear my child sprouted 6 extra limbs when I tried to dress her tonight. She was not having it. If it wasn't getting so cool out at night now, I probably would have said screw it and put her in a onesie to sleep instead of her big girl 2-piece jammies. It was just not a good night for M.

Luckily she drifted off fairly quickly once she'd had  a bottle and some daddy cuddles. A few subconscious chatters once she'd been put down and that's all that was wrote. Now just to hope that she isn't so overtired it causes her to sleep poorly or wake up at the butt crack of dawn...

So in short, go away forever and stop visiting my child - let her sleep, let her get a refreshing nap. She needs her sleep. I will not be polite and say please either because you are not welcome in my home or anywhere near my child.

Random Fact: The longest continuous sidewalk in the world is along Bay Shore Boulevard in Tampa, Florida.


Krista said...

Oh, I feel you pain, friend! Micah's teething and is pretty well exactly the same way right now. Is M teething? I hate teeth. Really. Hate. Teeth.

Hope the sleep thing improves! For you and me both! LOL

Chatty Mama said...

All right that's it the 45 minute nap is going down! I will help you take it down if you help me kick 5am in the well as grow spurt we aren't getting along either...LOL

Holly Klatt said...

Teething hasn't been so bad actually. She has 4 now - the immediate top and bottom front teeth. If wasn't for the gallons of drool and incessant chewing we probably wouldn't have realized they were coming in. This last one that cut it way through was the worst of the 4 - it seemed to take forever to break through. Maybe there are more coming in and that's what's causing the restlessness but I don't feel anything poking..

It could also be a growth spurt as she seems to be eating more per meal but that could also be because she's moving and shaking now (seriously I can't get a good picture because she won't hold still enough for me to snap on...) or it could be possibly we're dealing with our first cold or lovely sinus issues (that I'd hoped not to pass on to her) because the weather is changing.

Whatever it is, I hope it's resolving itself or makes itself clearer so I can help resolve it.

Chatty Momma - I'm with you -- we'll gang up on all of it! 45 minute naps, 5am, growth spurts! It's all going down!!

To all three of us mommas (I <3 saying that!!!) let's hope sleep visits us and bestows some good nights!!