Wednesday, September 12, 2012

And three months later...

My poor blog. I promise I haven't forgotten about you. Things have just been busy. July just jumped past us and August flew by in a sunny, warm blur but before I knew it September was here.

M is growing like a weed and learning things twice as fast. She says momma or mom quite clearly now though if you ask her about dada (or dad) she just smiles and wrinkles her nose. She mastered crawling at the end of August after army crawling for about a month. That lasted all of 2 days before she realized she could crawl to something (couch, chair, table) and pull herself up on. She's starting to cruise along the furniture and her coordination gets better every single day. 

 She has (almost) 4 teeth now. Her first was on the bottom right incisor (tooth P), and then the incisor to the left (tooth O), and we checked yesterday and her top two incisors (E and F) are breaking through. She doesn't like to show them off though but they are sharp! 

This picture to the left is a little in home photo shoot we did for her aunt (who also gave us the outfit she's wearing - coincidence? I think not...LOL). She's getting to be such a little camera ham - I wonder if that's because I'm always taking pictures of her. I don't want to miss a minute and she's too cute to not have pictures taken.

The picture to the right is a 4 generation picture that was taken at our most recent family reunion. It's (from left to right) my grandma (M's great-grandma), my mom, M, and me. When I was about M's age, there was a similar (my great grandma, grandma, mom, me) picture taken. It's nice to have this sort of tradition. Maybe when M is older (30 would be a good number - LOL) we'll do one with her child. I think I'm going to get a copy of that picture made and put in frames for Christmas gifts. 

My little turkey posing for another picture but her expression is just too priceless. She wrinkles her little nose and sometimes, when she laughs she snorts. It's hilarious. I can't believe how time has flown.I keep asking myself where the little baby I gave birth to went and when she became My little Miss Independent. Her little personality is coming out in spades and she makes me laugh every single day. J will never fully grasp the gift he has given me by being the sole breadwinner in the house. I will never ever be able to say thank you enough nor will I be able to find a gift appropriate enough. I couldn't image having to leave her with someone and possibly miss a minute of her growing up. 

She makes me rethink everything I thought I knew and understood, she makes me reconsider my stance on everything I thought I stood firm on. Like I used to loathe pink - and I mean loathe. I couldn't stand the sight of it and forget about catching me wearing it. If I loved the top and the only color choice was pink - forget it - it was staying where it was. Granted this is probably because up until I was about 12 everything was pink. My walls, my carpet, my bedding...I believe at some point I even asked my mom if I could have pink hair. (ps. Thank you mom for saying no) While it'll never be my favorite color, I'm now learning to appreciate it's beauty. I like the way M looks while wearing it and the shirt she's wearing on the left is actually a favorite.

This is our newest "mom" face. I swear this kid cracks me up with the expressions that she gives and she pulls them out of nowhere. It's almost as if she realizes that I'm having a mom moment of doubt like am I feeding her enough? Am I feeding her too much? How could someone have let me have a kid? Sometimes I wonder if I really have a grip on this whole parenting thing or if I'm just off my rocker and winging it the whole time. I want her to grow up well. I want her to make a positive impact on those around her. Then this look comes out and it's like - you're doing fine. Why are second guessing yourself? Good? Ok. Now go get me some puffs.

 Those eyes! Genes are a wonderful thing aren't they? It's amazing how two dark haired (J has black hair and I have auburn), dark eyed (J's are brown and my alternate between a green and hazel) can have a blonde haired (trust me it's there) blue eyed baby girl.
Last picture (and nearing the end of the post I think) is my newest favorite picture of all.

Time is just flying way too fast. She's going to be sprinting before winter (possibly before Fall if she has her way.) and my baby won't be a baby much longer. While I'm saddened by this, I'm also excited. I can't wait to see what the future brings and what she's going to do with her new found 'freedom'. 

Random Fact: There is a city named Unalaska in Alaska.