Sunday, July 17, 2011

Still in Awe...

So I'm officially 14 weeks now. I think part of me is still in denial - even after 2 ultrasounds confirming that there is life in there. Even after seeing his/her little hands waving and him/her sucking her thumb; After getting an adorably cute picture of in-utero feet, part of me still feels like it isn't real. I'm glad that it is though. After all the months that turned into years of trying, the tears that were cried, the anger, the self-loathing, the dream that J and I share is finally coming true. Soon, we are going to be parents. We are going to have a little one of our own.

The other part of me however feels like we have so much to do and not enough time. I'm worried the nursery won't be ready in time. I've had a nightmare about delivering in winter (which is when Nugget is due) and having the inappropriate attire, all summer clothing, to take the baby home in. Not to mention the giant red gummy bear that attacked me when I ignored my craving for them. Haven't ignored a craving again...Don't need a watermelon rolling over me or me swallowing a watermelon whole or giving birth to a watermelon instead of a baby...See now - all the scary thoughts are starting to run through my head as to what my subconscious can do to me while I sleep.

We've picked out the crib we want along with some other baby gear. It's hard to know what's really important to have versus what would be a luxury versus what's completely unneccessary. The car seat is a must obviously, along with the crib. But what about things like a wipe warmer? Or how about the sound machines that play the white noise (or crickets, streams, heartbeats...etc)? These are just a few of the thoughts that pass through my head on a daily basis.

And now I think it's time for bed. Right after I make sure I have no cravings...

Random Fact: Tampons have been used by U.S. Army medics as emergency wound care dressings. And as a side note, at the high school I attended I saw them used by the wrestling and soccer teams for nose bleeds...


Krista said...

My list of baby 'must haves':

-Sleep Sheep (white noise is really a helpful thing, especially for newborns)
-SwaddleMe wraps (couldn't live without these, especially in the first two months!)
-Nursing pillow (bring this with you to the hospital, you won't regret it!)
-Rocking chair/glider (so helpful for late-night feedings)
-Bouncy / vibrating chair (great for when they're older, too)
-Baby carrier of some sort (a wrap or just a regular carrier for those times baby needs to be held, but you need your arms free)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head. The wipe warmer is great, but sometimes Toys R Us will sell it for $10 when you buy a certain amount (or at least, they've done that in Canada at least once a year). Also, that would be one of those things to ask for as a gift since it isn't necessarily something you'd buy yourself! :)

P.S., could you send me your snail-mail address? I would like to send you a gift!

Holly said...

I sent you a message on fb :) Thank you for all of the wonderful advice!!!