Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Decisions, Options, and Random Musings...

Things continue to be ongoing, mind boggling, and otherwise irritating/frustrating... However, we have been given a set of three options, none of which I'm 100% happy with but being as they are the cards being dealt we will make the best hand we can until the next round. (Not sure what is up with the poker references...but we'll just go with it) With that being said, we make our first step towards a hopeful resolution tomorrow and go from there. It's important to me to be doing's almost been 9 months since October -- my original due date is a week and a half away. I can't just sit around any longer and be inactive -- maybe that's part of my problem but I atleast need an answer or answers about a couple of things now.
Patience is a virtue. As much as I really do agree with this statement, I have to laugh at it. I was not bestowed with oodles of this virtue naturally. It's not that I'm completely impatient because I know that there are things that come with time and that only come after working for them. I don't mind standing in line, or counting down the day til a vacation...etc and I generally can be patient for most things. I REALLY do no like having no control over something that has to do with me. I am not happy not being able to fix a something as I foresee as a problem and then I have to be patient on top of that. I do not like that
Things are going well. Work seems to have settled down again. For awhile. Not much else going on.
Random fact for the day:
Odontophobia is the fear of teeth
lol :)


Sheri said...

I find that it's easier to be patient when you know or have an outcome then when it's all unknown. It's got to be so frustrating not having a clue why things have happened they way they have. I am definitely not virtuous in that way either so I feel your pain even if not in this situation particularly...still praying over here! :)