Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today was really good. Maybe I'm moving beyond this funk -- I really hope so because it's really irritating. How's that for irony? LOL.

The closer this surgery gets the more nervous I get despite how much I honestly try not to think about it. I got a phone call from the hospital that brought it to the forefront of my thoughts today. They needed to go over some questions with me. 21 days. Three weeks. Everything is going to be ok....

I find it amazing how something that you don't ever think about - ie getting pregnant - becomes the breath you breathe and takes over every compassing thought you can have. Why is that? It's gotten easier not to think about it but the thought runs through my head - whether it be baby names or dreams that I've had....

It's cool here today and it started rain just as I was leaving work. I think it's stopped now but I wish the weather would warm up and stay warm. I have a lilac bush that I'm excited to see bloom this year. We bought it in the late summer last year and of course it had already bloomed. I'm hoping it's going to be the dark wine color lilac...I'm just hoping it's not another white lilac. I already have one that I grafted from my parents house.

In other news, the renovations in the livingroom are almost complete. Jim hung the crowne moulding last week and  has most of the floor moulding cut. Now it's just to put that up, fill the nail holes, sand and spot paint. After that it's all cosmetic - hanging pictures and such. I also got a new bookcase for the livingroom. :)

I've been on a purging mission lately - getting rid of everything that we don't need, use or that's just useless clutter. . . It's been going pretty well and it's really cathartic. There's still more to go but it's refreshing just to see how much is done.

Ok, I'm going to work on organizing. :)

Random Fact: The first known contraceptive was crocodile dung, used by Egyptians in 2000 B.C.


Sheri said...

Oooh lilacs I love lilacs maybe I should see if we can get some lilacs when we spruce up the front of our house.

Don't you wish you could just get rid of that all encompassing thought? Wouldn't it be nice to just put it aside or in a box so that you can only access it when you're ready?

Oh well since you can't blogging is a good release...and I love reading your blog :)

Sheri said...

PS. I love the new layout...very cute :)