Monday, July 5, 2010

Independence Day

Happy Birthday America!!! Today we celebrate and come together as a proud nation. :)

Today is also the day that I gave my two weeks notice to my current employer. I feel sad because I know I'm leaving a good group of people but I have to do what's best for not only my family but also for myself. I'm excited to start my new job with new challenges and for a new environment.

Funny thing is I love to write yet the words for my letter of resignation are failing to come to me or fall into their proper place. Nothing seems...right. I mean I don't want to say "Hey I quit!" but I don't want to come across as waffling like I'm unsure of my decision. I also want to express my gratitude because they (the company and the staff) allowed me a great deal of experience and opportunities; some of which probably assisted me in getting my current job.

I don't like it when words fail me. Especially when I really need them not to...Ok enough blabbering from me (because the words don't seem to be failing on this page...) I need to go finish my letter and get my behind to bed.

Random Fact: A chicken will lay bigger and stronger eggs if you change the lighting in such a way as to make them think a day is 28 hours long!