Monday, May 23, 2011

Please shut up.

You there -- Yes, you. You -- the little annoying voice in the back of my head. Could you please just shut your trap - say forever? I'm tired of hearing you and your annoying nasally whiney voice. You're nothing but pain my rump and I really dislike you. You make everything harder than it absolutely has to be. You can't make anything easy or smooth sailing.

I don't ask for much. I really don't - so if you could just please go away. Go bother someone else. I've had you long enough - I dont want or need you any longer. I'm sick of you and your bothersome thoughts.


If it were only that easy.

Random Fact: China was the first to use paper money.


Krista said...

The annoying voice in the back of your head sounds a lot like I thought Bella sounded like in Twilight. Maybe you should name it Bella. LOL

Sheri said...

Krista has a point, name it Bella, then you can just say 'SHUT UP BELLA vampires aren't supposed to sparkle!' LoL