Friday, May 20, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

What a rainy and gloomy month it's been so far. I wish it would warm up for good and stay that way. I want to be outside. I miss the sun. I miss its warmth. I'm ready for this dreary crap to be gone.

The television season is drawing to a close for summer (again, see 1st paragraph) and the season finales didn't disappoint (atleast not to me for the most part). Bones' finale was...1/2 way between awesome and OMG. Brennan and Booth had comfort sex - or it's about freaking time sex (whichever you choose to call it) and she's pregnant. Though we have seen - nothing. Actually we've seen almost less than nothing -- hint hint Mr. Hart Hanson -- while I don't need to see the hardcore skin on skin, it would be nice to see something. A kiss, a loving gesture, something that indicates that what's between them is concrete - please your fans have waited 6 seasons. 6 - SIX - Seasons and we would like just a little love. Though I'm glad that they found a way that didn't feel fake or half-assed thrown together, that this is finally something that's very real between the two of them. Oh not to mention Angela and Hodgins' baby (Michael Staccato Vincent Hodgins) has been born health and sighted - not to forget cute as an ever living button.

CSI:NY was pretty awesome as well considering they were unsure of whether they were going to be renewed or not (mostly in part to being stuck in a death slot on Friday nights - way to go CBS) but they managed to make a season finale that was both subtle (meaning it could have been a series finale if needed) but also sweet. It also leaves next season open for a pethera of story lines. Danny was promoted (but needs to find a loophole to staying in the lab...which I'm not sure why he couldn't --- I hope the writers have a decent idea to go with this) and Mac finally solved the last cold case on his desk --- until next season --- LOL. Definitely a first for CSI NY - who usually finds a way to end the season with an explosive cliffhanger.

Hawaii 5-0. Let me tell you for a freshman show - they certainly found a way to ensure their next season. Pregnancy, treason, murder, robbery...etc all of those (and probably a few I missed) were all included in one episode. The cast of this show is so well casted; I can't think any one cast member that doesn't really fit. I wasn't sure what to think of Scott Caan (Danno) when I first heard about him being on the show but he's really funny. It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens in the shows sophomore season...

Random Fact: The average person spends two weeks of their life waiting at traffic lights.