Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Interesting Day It Was

People frustrate me. Completely and totally. I think that it is completely ridiculous that I had to spend approximately 15 minutes about why someone's doctor didn't call in their scripts because -- big surprise here -- I DON'T KNOW!!! I'm sorry they didn't do what they said they were going to do but I don't have the answers - please call them.

Other than that the day has been ok. Didn't sleep real well last night. Couldn't get comfortable and then when I finally did, I couldn't shut off my subconcious so it woke me back up. So I was tired, then the day just dragged on...It was just a tiring long day.

I want to go on vacation. I need a vacation. I know that I have one coming and I'm excited for it, I just wish that it was sooner. *Sigh*

I'm going to bed. Goodnight.

Random Fact: In Montana it is against the law to have a sheep in the cab of your truck without a chaperone.


Sheri said...

Oh people...why are they so irritating...I could write a book of the interesting/annoying people I've encountered in customer

Hope you slept better last night...and that's a fun random fact hope Danny knows that for when he visits the in-laws ;)