Saturday, August 1, 2009

New Book.

So in the midst of a renovation project, who starts a new book series? Me. Yup - me that's who. The person, who once she starts reading, has a hard time putting a book down. Needless to say I, unfortunately, took and had a day to myself to read. I mean I did laundry, dishes and that sort of thing work on the hallway. And the funny thing is (well maybe not funny...) but I'm not mad at myself about it.

Anyway -- the author is Kathy Reichs and she's the author who's books the Bones television show is based. I've been wanting to read the books for awhile now and they are great!!! I see similarities to the show but they aren't identical and it's nice. I love forming how the characters look, sound and what their surroundings look like in my head; it's how I totally get lost in a book. It's like this world where I'm a third person observer following them with a camera. It's pretty awesome from my point of view. :) (and a bonus is that I'm learning a bit of french here and there too...LOL)

Other than that I went to see the new Harry Potter in IMax on Friday. It was pretty good I thought and stayed truer to the book than I think the last one or two did.

Ok I think I'm going to unplug now and go read - again. LOL...back to work tomorrow for me. Hopefully it will be a decent day.

Random Fact from Serenity: There is an inside joke printed on some of the crates in the cargo bay. Some of the crates have the message "Reusable Container: Do Not Destroy" printed on them (they are visible behind River after the Reaver has been shot). The original set for the ship, from the show "Firefly" (2002) was destroyed (even though creator Joss Whedon swore he'd make use of it again), and therefore could not be reused for the movie (the set had to be rebuilt from scratch).