Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Count to 10

I'm better today - still frustrated - but dealing with it better. I know I need to heal - despite feeling fine (other than my hand where the iv was - that still! hurts) and that I'd rather take the time to heal than have something happen that causes more waiting or worse. Wait should still be a four letter word - but I'm making due.

My friend L said "just think of the patience you'll have when you do have children". I understand her point because it's valid but it wasn't really all that comforting. But her brain is also somewhere else too - she's getting ready to deliver her 2nd child in May. 2 under 2 before she's 27.

I want to force myself to be happy but there's always something that reminds me of the giant hole in my chest and just when I think I've shoved it to the back of my mind - it makes itself known again with a vengence. I'm thinking of naming it, I mean it's been there long enough it should have a name right? LOL

Ok...I think I'll go see how the bathroom is coming...

Random Fact: BONES producers knew they had a hit show on their hand when they had to change the "Bones" name on our directional signs for our crew because they started to disappear.