Sunday, April 4, 2010

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill

I want children. I know that's pretty much a given seeing as that's why this blog was originally started. I'm in a really good mood today; it's really hard to be in a bad mood. Afterall the weather is gorgeous (so this may be short because I think I'm going to out and try to soak up some vitamin D....) and I had a really good weekend.

J and I went out to Red Lobster on Friday night. Major thanks to Dave who inspired us to go ;-)   It was fantastic; we didn't have to wait very long and they were doing their Lobsterfest promotion so it was a win win. We're convinced now people either give us the new waiters/waitresses or they give us the insane ones...The waitress we had on Friday nice was super nice but out there...very out there. Then we went and did a bit of shopping.

Then last night we had Easter dinner with my family. I love my family. They just bring out the best in everything. :) My sister in law asked how things were going and I explained everything to her. She was happy we've gotten some answers and hopes things progress faster once the surgery is over. I do too. I hope that we're pregnant by the end of the year...I don't think that's too lofty of a goal or at least I hope it's not.

I had the twin dream again; it was the same but different at the same time. Still the same two little boys that look exactly like J only with the bright green eyes. This time they were running around in the backyard with J and I. I remember thinking that these little boys, these beautiful little boys were worth waiting for. That the anguish and pain was worth it because we have these two perfect gorgeous little boys. I think my brain is just working overtime now because I'm refusing to focus on it. If it creeps into my head I try to distract myself with something different such as reading, writing, remodeling, cleaning up from the remodeling....occasionally work too...LOL...

I will continue to be strong; I will continue to move forward; I will continue to fight for that dream. 12 days.

Random Fact: The Platypus has no umbilicus scar (belly button). Even though it is a mammal it is still hatched from an egg.