Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sunny Days Rock

So this weekend has been great. :) Both in getting things done and the weather.

Thursday night I worked out in the yard and managed to get almost all of my yard plants re-circled so that I could add some fresh dirt and some mulch to them. I worked outside for about 3 was wonderful.

Then on Friday we went and had passport photos taken. I photograph so badly but the photographer (Photos by Bruce - if anyone is curious) did great. Now to just fill out the form and submit it; passports should be here by fall. I then worked in the yard a bit more and then layed out in the sun. It was gorgeous here.

And then today - I got all the mulching done that I could, replanted 2 fuschia plants into my hanging baskets for the back yard and then Jim and I started weeding one of the two front flower beds. I love the sun!!!

Random Fact: Phobatrivaphobia is fear of trivia about phobias.