Saturday, October 8, 2011

26 Weeks Down, 14 To Go...

Time is flying by. I can't believe that it's already October. The end of the year rush is starting slowly and this year, atleast for J and I, there will be more than just birthdays and holidays in the mix. Nugget's arrival is approaching and we are very excited.

I'm starting to get antsy. Very antsy. I want to start buying things - clothes, crib, dresser...etc - and it's not helping that there are a ton of sales on clothes now and they are so cute. However, we are waiting until after the shower in order to compare what we need with what we receive (and dashed with what we want...(:  )

The good news is I have relaxed for the most part about the pregnancy. I still have the occasional bouts of "is the baby ok?" and "why isn't Nugget moving more" or "Am I eating right/exercising enough/did I do something that could harm the baby" moments but they are coming less often than before (and it only took 6 months! LOL). I've definitely been hit by preggo brain. Atleast once a day (usually more) I forget what I was going to say/do. I'm still doing well with my blood pressure and my weight so congrats to me!

J and I (along with D, L, and L's sister) just got back from Disney not to long ago and we had a blast. While I couldn't go on a lot of the rides that I would have liked to, J and I got to do some of the things that we hadn't done before. We caught some of the shows and street acts that they do, parades, pin trade with cast members and I got to shop for different things (mainly for the baby...LOL). There were a lot of cast members who asked how far along I was, when I was due...etc. I can't wait for Nugget's first trip. :) It's going to be so much fun.

Random Fact: The lungfish can live out of water for several months in a state of suspended animation.


Sheri said...

Dude where do you get your random facts?! Love that you are relaxing! :)