Monday, May 25, 2009

I need a brick wall --- stat!

I think I've figured out the way to ensure and guarentee a pregnancy! I have to find a brick wall and beat myself stupid against it because apparently the only people who can get pregnant in this area are the ones who aren't trying, teenagers, people with martial issues, and the ones who are too stupid to read a pregnancy test (ie -- they had to have the pharmacist read it -- not once but twice....)!!! Grrr...

I'm ok. I'm ok. Breath...I'm going to go now and try to write. I'm going to channel my anger/frustration/irritation/sadness in to something positive and constructive.

I managed to get the front flowerbed weeded, new flowers planted, peat-mossed, and watered tonight. Took me about 4 hours. Next up is the raised ring flower bed but that's probably going to be next weekend-ish because I am pooped!!


Sheri said...

I hope the writing helped! I remember, more in regards to getting married than getting pregnant, thinking that everyone around me could just get what they wanted when they wanted in this nice package perfectly wrapped up for used to tick me off to the ENTH degree.

It's so stupid and so frustrating and makes a person want to scream...and since you can't do that all the time I hope you get a chance to write...I've had MAJOR writers block lately and wish to high heaven I could write let me know how it turns out! :)

Thinkin' of you!