Sunday, May 17, 2009

Warning -- TMI inside.

Ok you've all been warned.

Mother Nature made her stop today. I'm actually kinda happy about it - a little anyway. My cycle seems to be back closer to normal (31 days this cycle as opposed to 53 last time.) which is good I guess. I was kinda hoping to fall pregnant this time around but it wasn't meant to be. I'm trying really really hard not to concentrate or focus on it. I really am.

It's hard though. I mean we got pregnant so easily last time. Why shouldn't it be just as easy this time? But, again. I'm trying really hard not to make that the focus or stress. I really really am.

Guess we'll try again next month.

In other news, I'm ripping down the wallpaper (because it's purple, gold, green, and cream vertical stripes) in the stairway. Any color suggestions? :)


Sheri said...

I'm still reeling from the colours in the Sounds like I'm not the only one who has colour issues in their house haha.

As for mother nature having a visit it's hard not to focus on something you can't change so I think you're wise in how you aren't making it your focus. Take one month at a time...I know coming from me that advice could feel a bit empty but honestly I feel like I've gone through this with Krista and now my sister and you at the same time.

I believe it will happen for you friend and will continue to pray.

Now go take down that wallpaper I'm not at all sure it's legal to have that kind of colour combo

Holly said...

I'm just glad that I've got good friends (both here and around the world) that I can talk to.

No, no -- you are definitely not the only one with color issues. :) I'll have to talk to you more about it on FB. I'll have to post pictures