Monday, September 21, 2009

Turn back on the broken heartache
Some things are just meant to be
I still believe that we got a chance
Still believe that we got a chance to be
Too much is never enough and
Too little is never enough
Full speed got me looking out my rear view
I can’t go back

---Pop Evil "100 in a 55"

I love these lyrics. They have so much meaning and can be applied in so many different situations. I think music so wonderful because it can speak to anyone regardless of what language you speak, religion you are, clothes you wear, car you drive...etc. It is a universal language that can make people feel, remember, reflect...etc. Maybe that's why I listen to such varied kinds of music...or maybe it's because of the fact that everyone in my house growing up listened to something different...maybe? LOL.

I think I'm in a better place today. I'm sure that I'm in a better place. Yes, I still wish it was me too but she's my good friend and I'm gonna be there for her. I'm going to share in her joys and listen to her when she needs someone to vent to. :) I'm excited for her and if she has a girl - I'm going to find the frilliest, poufiest, pinkest dress I can find (but of course it'll still be cute. LOL.)

I talked to J, my friend/Nurse Practioner and she said that there's a possibility (although not a large chance) that I just tested too early. I'm trying to be patient and wait and if that doesn't work, we'll try again. I think that waiting it the worst part of everything; Wait is such a nasty, nasty word. I really think it should be banned from the english language. So should the word patience.

I'm excited for Fall TV. :) All the previews look so promising. :) :) I'm also working on writing more again. Sometimes I wonder if I should put all these blogs into a book but then I think that wouldn't be good reading. hmm..

In other news...there was an article on MSN about NY's Governor Paterson where apparently President Obama has asked Patternson to withdraw his name from the 2010 elections. Apparently other states are referring to him as NY's Paterson Problem. My initial thought is who in the heck thinks we'd re-elect him in the first place?? I mean come on, he's the biggest waste this state's had in a while. He's practically run it in to the ground.

Ok I think I'm going to sign off for the night....Sweet dreams to all. :)

Random Fact: Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.