Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Until this moment, I never understood how hard it was to lose something you never had.”

The quote is far more somber than I meant for it to sound but yet it still speaks.

Last Monday (Aug 31) didn't go horribly. It didn't necessarily go 100% the way that I wanted but it went fairly well. :)

Labor Day was exciting. I got to spend the better part of the day with my Grandparents. I wish they weren't going back to Florida for the winter (or maybe it's just that I wish I was going with them...LOL) but I know that they'll be back before I know it.

I think summer is mainly over here. Kinda stinks seeing as how we really haven't had much of a summer. It's just been really, really rainy.

Other than that - not too much is going on.

Random Fact: All porcupines float in water.