Sunday, March 13, 2011

30 Days of Truth Challenge - Day 2

Day 2. So far so good. So today's topic "Something that you love about yourself" - again so simple! :p

So...what is something that I love about myself. I would probably have to say my resilience and my perseverance. The innate ability to be kicked in the teeth and smile through the pain (for the most part anyway) and in most cases carry on as if nothing was wrong. In some cases still be civil and the bigger person to the kicker. I keep pushing forward, and keep trying. I'm not saying that I never get down on myself or feel like crap about myself because I most certainly do (and truth be told - cause this is what this is all about - it's usually really bad and not pretty). I do, however, try not to let them happen that often and I try to learn something about myself or why they happened. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn't.

What do you love about yourself?

Random Fact: The idea that giraffes are mute is very wrong! Although they are normally quiet, calves bleat and make a mewing call, cows seeking lost calves bellow, and courting bulls may emit a raucous cough. Giraffes also give alarm snorts, and moaning, snoring hissing, and flutelike sounds have been reported.