Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 8 of 30 Days of Truth

Day 8 - Someone who made your life hell, or treated you like shit.
Oh wow...isn't this a loaded topic today. I'm sure that there are alot of things that I could put to answer this topic but really? What good does it do to dwell in the past? I'm sure I could name names of people from high school who acted like your typical cliche highschooler but what good would it do? Would it
erase the hurt? Would it change the past? The answer is plain and simply no. Most people have grown beyond that kind of attitude and moved on. They probably look back at that period of time and are embarrassed about some of the things they did but can you honestly tell me that there aren't things in your past that you aren't so proud of? The type of things that you wouldn't necessarily want your sons/daughters/husbands/wives to find out about because you're not proud of them? And for the record, I'm talking about things that happened before you knew your spouse, things that wouldn't effect your relationship now - like for example the frat boy you dated in college who's best friend you fooled around with or the time you acted like a real snob to someone to try and fit in with the cool crowd. Everyone has something in their past that they'd prefer remain in the past. I guess my point of this whole thing is yes, everyone has had someone that has pissed them off, made their life hell, and/or treated them like shit but unless it's currently happening and there is something tangible that can be done about it - what good does it do to go digging in the past?

But.....I guess since we're being truthful, something that really bothers me (and to a point has made my life hell at one point or another) is people who can't seem to get beyond a high school mentaility. I mean you've graduated, you're moving up in the world why do you feel the need to constantly stay stagnant in a world that was fleeting? It's just annoying and you want to look at them and ask "Don't you ever feel like growing up?" I'd better hop down now because there is a whole bushel basket of things that follow under this topic and it really doesn't fit under today's question unfortunately. Maybe I'll start another draft for after my 30 days are over and post it then. :)

Random Fact: Sheep can recognize each other through pictures.